Photos, artist renderings and videos are available for use in whole or in part without permission provided they are used unaltered. No credit line is required.

  • Geotechnical Reports for Bored Tunnels (Open Information BC)
    (278 MB, PDF)
    • Documents include:
      • Geotechnical Baseline Report for the Bored Tunnels (pages 1-78)
      • Supplemental Factual Geotechnical Report (pages 79-148)
      • Factual Geotechnical Report (pages 149-1226)
      • Geotechnical Data Report (pages 1227-2407)
      • Geotechnical Overview – Report for RFQ (pages 2408-2414)
      • Geotechnical Design Report – North Tunnel Approach Structures (pages 2415-2512)
  • Environmental Assessment Application Documents